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About Me


Punjab Technical University 2012


Rakshapal Bahadur Management Institute 2010


Work & Experience

Whitehat Education Technology Pvt. Ltd. 09/07/2020 - 03/15/2021

Sales Manager

Initiating phone conversations with parents who complete the demo classes for their kids. Diligently communicating and priming the lead through channels like email, whatsapp, SMS, calls. Achieving the weekly targets in a high pressure performance driven competitive environment. Monitoring self-performance at all times while also contributing to the team performance, keeping track of factors like conversion factor, Average revenue generated per lead, Average revenue per sale, etc. Set and track sales targets and KPIs Coordinate sales projects to meet deadlines Execute sales analysis, prepare sales reports and suggest improvements

Baanyan Software Services Inc. 07/06/2018 - 06/10/2020

Senior Business Development Manager

Working with H1B, OPT, US citizens, GC candidates preferred. Gathering requirements for consultants from Vendors of clients, Job portals and other networking techniques. Submitting the candidates for the suitable positions and following up regarding the rates and client interviews. Building Relationship with consultants, vendors and clients. Arranging interviews and placing bench consultants on contract basis to different client requirements. Screening, candidates resumes as per requirements of the client. Taking initial round of interviews and mock as per requirements. Pre-screening, selecting and submitting the candidates and gauging ones communication and technical skills for the required project. Established business contacts in target markets through direct mail communication and vendor relationships. Understanding of various US tax terms (C2C, W2, 1099 specialties) as well as visa processes such as (CPT, OPT- EAD, H1-B, GC-EAD etc.) Keeping Track of Responses & Short listing candidates for particular role.

Opulentus Overseas Careers Pvt. Ltd. 01/05/2016 - 05/09/2018

Business Development Manager

Provide consultation services to potential clients interested in Visas, including establishing suitability of the candidate’s visa. Consultation is mainly by face-to-face meetings, telephone and email. Marketing of the resume for the potential clients to the international markets such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. Arranging interviews for the clients in lieu of their roles and responsibilities performed in the earlier jobs. Present and market immigration services to current and potential clients. Prepare action plans and schedules to identify specific targets and to project the number of contacts to be made. Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from existing clientele. Identify sales prospects and contact prospects. Develop and maintain migration materials to enhance the product knowledge. Establish and maintain current client and potential client relationships. Identify and resolve client concerns by identifying the resume and suggesting them the best job market internationally. To prepare marketing and advertising campaigns. To provide regular follow up on enquiries received. Pro-actively monitoring changes to various Immigration regulations

P2P Overseas Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 10/08/2012 - 12/09/2015

Business Development Executive

Advising potential students about the education opportunities abroad. Explains all procedures concerning the student recruitment activities Get admitted all potential walk-in and telephone enquires Advising students on all application procedures, visa applications, accommodation etc.; Assisting with activities of the Marketing of the Company. Maintaining accurate ledger and computer records of students and applications sent. Undertaking project work as decided by the Office Manager , Senior Heads or the Director. Speaking with the international admission head of the University for the Convenient Admissions of the student. Engaging in business promotional activities and making tie-ups with different consultancies throughout pan India. Distributing the promotional material to various business partners regarding the countries and university so that they can penetrate easily in their own location target market. Searching new potential and resource in the form of universities and human resource for the organization.