skills interviewer look for

“You are NOT what you think you are, but what you think – YOU ARE. “– Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Are you thinking about what an interviewer looks for during an interview or what you should do to get him to hire you?

Here are the top 5 traits interviewers look for:

1. Attitude

In a jungle giraffe is the tallest animal, the rhinoceros is the heaviest animal, the fox is the intelligent animal, the elephant is the largest animal but still, Lion is the king of the jungle. Why? It’s because of his ATTITUDE!
Life is not a Straight Line
Be the kind of person who dares to face life’s challenges and overcome them rather than dodging them. Life is not easy for anyone. If you want to be successful in life you have to have a problem-solving attitude. You have to work on building this attitude. Interviewers and employers love to see this attitude in a person.

2. Confidence

Employers are looking for confident employees. The way you greet and the way you talk during your interview, you are getting judged on your confidence. You have to believe in yourself first before others believe you. You can get this confidence by practicing more and more mock interviews with your friends or experts or in front of the mirror.

3. Get out of your comfort zone – be adventurous

Learn new skills, keep upgrading yourself. Do mention this in your interview. the challenges which you are going to face at work will be all new. This attitude of learning new skills will keep you moving upward at work.
Have an adventurous attitude and keep exploring new things and skills out of your subject and syllabus.
Once I had two resumes of engineering graduate. Both had got good marks in their subjects first one has done only engineering studies while 2nd one has done 4 interns projects outside the engineering subjects. Definitely, I called 2nd one for the interview first as she has done well in her studies at the same time and has not wasted her time and put in the effort to learn new skills.

4. Sell yourself

Prepare a 2-3 minutes script about what you’ve done, what makes you perfect for this role, and why. Let’s understand that it’s not boasting about yourself but it is being confident about yourself. Do this by talking about your own past experience. Try to describe yourself in 3 adjectives that match the job profile. Never overdo this.

5. Be human

Recent studies show that IQ accounts for only 20% of our success in life. The other 80% of what we achieve can be attributed to our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE or EQ. Now here is the most exciting news for all of us. EQ, unlike IQ, can be improved at any time during our lives. Which means we can control 80% of our achievements. The rise of AI makes emotional intelligence more important. Skills like persuasion, social understanding, and empathy will become a differentiator as artificial intelligence and machine learning take over our other tasks. (Reference here)
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is PRACTICE!