Interview Dress Code

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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”- Edith Head.

You like it or not, when it comes to a job interview you are marketing yourself. When you buy something, the way products are packaged is very important. A company invests millions in just the appearance of the product itself to ensure that the customer buys it. The company is investing thousands of rupees or dollars in you. And you need to look at it. You need to take pride in your appearance. Many of us are hesitant to give up the comfort of sweatpants and baggy shirts. But when it comes to the interview the way you dress says a lot about your professionalism. Personal Branding starts from the first meeting. As the saying goes ‘Look like a million bucks, we are going to list down a few tips and tricks to look like a million bucks.

Dress Code of Interview

  1. Wondering how to dress when the work environment states an informal dress code? Let me clear it out, it does not matter if the company boasts of an informal dress code. You need to be formal during the interview. It does not matter how the employees dress up daily. It is still emphasized to go with formal attire.
  2. What about different attires for different kinds of interviews, you may ask. This is what kind of establishment you are going to interview for. If you are interviewing for (let’s assume and not get ahead of ourselves) Google or any other IT like TCS, Wipro, etc you may want to go all the way in with your pants, shirts, ties On the other hand, Stratup opts for casual dressing all day. Another thing to consider here is what position you are going in. Whether you are a front desk receptionist or a marketer. A front desk receptionist will be expected to be dressed formally and a coder may go for a more liberal approach.
  3. Smile projects positivity and can act as an ice breaker.
  4. Don’t go overboard with anything, a neat, clean, and well-groomed look are what you need to go for. You don’t want the interviewer to get distracted from what to say to the things you are wearing.
  5. Overuse of cologne, aftershave, or perfume can give a headache to the interviewer. It may even offend someone. Also, you need to keep your breath fresh, use a mint or mouthwash at least brush, bad breath is not appreciated.
  6. Tattoos, piercings, and unhygienic and badly maintained body hair are a big no. try and cover them or just trim them before the interview.
  7. Ironed, wrinkle-free clothes please, keep checking your dress for creases or lines. Make sure the clothes you choose are tailored to fit. Opt for neutral colors like beige, nude, grey, black, blue, or white. For girls peach/ light pink can also be included.
Dress to impress

From here we are going to make the distinction in two ways male and female or whichever gender you identify yourself with. Let’s understand what should be the interview dress code for males and what should be the interview dress code for females.

Interview Dress Code Male

  1. Matching two or three-piece suits, more solid and neutral colors you can also go for soft pinstripe pants tailored to fit. Shirts should long be sleeved with a collar – color, white, or neutrals – soft stripes work well but no loud patterns.
  2. The tie required is necessary to add a pop of color but no wild pattern or print. Go for dark-colored shoe leather or faux leather. Belt to match your shoe.
  3. Fingernails, facial hair, and hair should be clean and neatly trimmed
  4. If the interview calls for a not-so-formal dress code opts for jeans again in neutral colors with a long-sleeved shirt.
  5. Interview dress code for males in India is not the kurta and pajama at all. you can wear smart short kurta on jeans if the company where you are going for the interview is working in the social sector. But still, a nice shirt and pants will be advisable for the interview.

Interview Dress Code Female

  1. Nothing flashy, or overly formal. Opt for an elegant and sharp look.
  2. Colors again go for neutral colors, blacks, whites, greys, and nudes. If you are wearing a skirt keep it to the knee or below it. Do not wear short skirts. Prints are fine, but minute prints, not overly large ones.
  3. Transparent tops/blouses are a no-go. Rather opt for blouses and sweatshirts to go with your pants or skirts. Do not show a lot of skin.
  4. Keep your hair tied back, overly colored hair, wild untamed hair is a big no. avoid a hairstyle that covers your face and eyes.
  5. When it comes to shoes go for pumps with 2 or 2 and a half-inch heels max. It should complement your clothes and not grab attention.
  6. Makeup should be conservative, and it should match your complexion, lipstick should be neutral. Nails keep them trimmed and clean (manicured if possible), keep colors toned down.
  7. Wear simple jewelry, no bling; pearl earrings and a simple watch work the best. Avoid bangles, charm bracelets, large hoop, or door knocker earrings – anything that will clang or jingle is annoying for the interviewer.
  8. Here is something a little extra, especially when it comes to the Indian workplace scenario. Interview dress code for female Indian includes Kurtas and pants with simple prints and cotton sarees. But do not go extra with bangles or flashy earrings. Understated and elegant is always appreciated.
  9. How to dress for an interview, a small video tips


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