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What does the Prompt Engineering course include?
Live, instructor led sessions
Led by industry leading Prompt Engineering experts
Prompt Engineering Foundations
Lern to instruct Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to generate meaningful and accurate responses. Transform your workflows, speed up tasks, and enhance product development using AI-powered prompts.
Job based curricullum
Aligned towards real job openings and requirements
Certification for Course
To open opportunities to lead AI-Driven innovation, turn Ideas into Impactful Projects
Interview Assistance
In leading companies for internships and jobs
Comprehensive course
Covering essential topics, practical demonstrations and live practice
Live online Prompt Engineering course
Generative AI, Large Language Models. By the end of the course you'll be generating your own realistic, unique, astonishing outputs from AI and make it do exactly what you want.
On InterviewCracker Platform and multiply your chances to land that dream job
Who is this course for?
Students and Freshers
Who want to conquer goals with AI as supporting catalyst
Working professionals
Who wants to upskill, learn and deploy the state of the art AI for work and productivity
Who intend to provide clients with breathtaking results
Job aspirants
Who wants to have a competitive, future proof career
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InterviewCracker is where you become the Top 1% in your field.
You get ready with skills that are most required to outsmart competition, access jobs or simply gain confidence to excel in your profession.
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Prompt Engineering Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to AI
  • How does AI work
  • Generative AI models
  • Chosing your Large Language Model
  • Accessing and account creation
  • Basic prompts
  • Complex prompts
  • Legal, ethical and copyright considerations
  • Prompt Engineering Use Cases
  • Prompt engineering: Tricks, know-how
  • ChatGPT's predictive capabilities
  • Streamline communication and improve response efficiency
  • Working with Firebase storage
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of ChatGPT and others
  • Exposure to Bard, ChatGPT and more
  • Drafting the Perfect Prompt
  • Follow-Up Prompts, output options
  • Prompt Engineering Techniques

Best Prompt Engineering Training
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Get started and become super competitive. Grasp the knowledge and know how things work in real-time

This course on Prompt Engineering covers techniques to enhance the capabilities of prompt engineering ranging from N-Shot Prompts, Chain of thought, Generated knowledge, Self consistency. The course also covers use cases of Prompt Engineering.
Prompt Engineering certification provides the foundational knowledge and platform essential for expanding your career in the area of the most and in-demand space of AI and Prompts.
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  • Certification and internship
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Course Mentor Led
Online, instructor led Course
₹25000 ₹9999
  • Virtual online course
  • Live instructor Led training
  • 15+ hours of self-paced video content
  • 4+ hours of Live classes
  • FREE Webinar Access
  • 2 Month Internship
  • One to one mentoring
  • Industry leading instructor
  • Certificate for course completion
  • Placement Support

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