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Science behind our better Sales Hiring

JD-fit sales candidate filtering

Interview Cracker assesses candidates on 30 sales skills across behavioral, functional and situational parameters to provide you a curated list.
Our JD analysis creates a skill map to screen from thousands of eligible candidates.

Technology to fulfil your sales requirement

Our technology is designed by leading experts in psychology and training; developed using advanced Machine Learning algorithms by engineers.
This enables personality traits, cognitive abilities and functional skills to be matched with your desired role expectation.

Eliminate subjective decisions & unconscious biases

Interview Cracker platform brings the science of decision making using data to create equitable hiring.
Spoken words matter much in sales and our assessment includes advanced AI based audio analysis of candidates enables you to hire right-fit candidates.

How our sales hiring process works for you

Submit job

Create the job profile.
Submit roles/responsibilities and desired competencies. 
Speak about your company, culture, expectations and role details for candidates.

Get best-fit

Receive top recommendations.
We source, screen , train and analyses candidates across 30 foundational sales skills. The candidates are trained for gaps.
You get only high quality, filtered candidates.

Listen Audio

Listen to candidate audio!
Hear how the recommended  candidates speak and respond to intriguing questions. 
Our AI/ML based audio analysis provides insights to you.

Hire at scale

Take advantage of AI/ML.
Our AI/ML-based screening & assessment enhances the efficiency of candidate’s audio, writing, and profile analysis to seconds.
Our passionate team compliments your hiring efforts.

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What you Pay

5% of candidate’s CTC for every successful onboarding.

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Recommendation criteria

Selection criteria reports for every candidate recommended