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Pest Control Technician

1 LPA - 1.5 LPA
About Company
At Pyramid Pest Control Service, we have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals for more than 5 years who are well aware of pest’s lifecycle. And we have the knowledge to solve every type of pest problem. With our vast knowledge in pest control, we offer services for all types of residential and commercial premises all around Mumbai.rnOur aim is to provide the best management service to society in which we offer the best professional and safe manner with budget-friendly solutions.rnOur team is trained technically to provide the best solution to every type of pest control and make customers’ houses completely pest-free. We are a company with diverse skills and talents.
Job Description

Job Title: Pest Control Technician

Job Summary: As a Pest Control Technician, you will be responsible for inspecting buildings and identifying pests, determining the type of treatment needed, and applying appropriate treatments to eliminate pests. You will work closely with customers to explain the process, answer questions, and provide recommendations for preventing future infestations. This role requires a keen eye for detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Inspecting Properties: Conduct thorough inspections of residential and commercial properties to identify pest infestations, entry points, and conducive conditions.

Identifying Pests: Determine the type of pests present, such as insects, rodents, or wildlife, and assess the extent of the infestation.

Developing Treatment Plans: Create customized treatment plans based on the type of pest, level of infestation, and the property’s layout. Select and apply appropriate pesticides or other treatment methods.

Applying Treatments: Safely and effectively apply pesticides, baits, traps, or other control methods to eliminate pests while following all safety guidelines and regulations.

Educating Customers: Communicate with customers to explain the treatment process, address any concerns or questions, and provide recommendations for preventing future pest issues.

Documenting Work: Maintain accurate records of services provided, including treatment plans, materials used, and follow-up recommendations. Complete service reports and other necessary paperwork.

Adhering to Regulations: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, including safety standards, pesticide application laws, and company policies.

Equipment Maintenance: Properly maintain and calibrate equipment, such as sprayers, traps, and inspection tools, to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated on the latest pest control techniques, products, and technologies through training sessions and industry resources.

Team Collaboration: Coordinate with other pest control technicians and office staff to schedule appointments, share knowledge, and support the overall efficiency of the company.

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Job Information

How much is the Offered Salary for this role?

PYRAMID PEST CONTROL SERVICES will offer salary in the range 1 LPA - 1.5 LPA. The exact salary will be decided based on your skills, experience and interview performance.

Role requires experience in

Domestic - India

Number of positions / openings


What is the Min. Experience required for this job?

PYRAMID PEST CONTROL SERVICES expects the desired candidate to have minimum experience of 0 years

What is the Max. Experience required for this job?

PYRAMID PEST CONTROL SERVICES expects the desired candidate to have maximum experience of Less than 1 Year



What is the Qualification required for this job?

PYRAMID PEST CONTROL SERVICES expects the desired candidate to be a Graduate



Work Shift

Day shift

Are there any unique Key Skills required for this job?

PYRAMID PEST CONTROL SERVICES expects the desired candidate to have the following skills: Others

Work Location Type




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