Job interviews are stressful. How to prepare for the job interview is the most daunting thought a candidate goes through. Candidates are busy preparing themselves for answering interview questions but they forget that the interviewer also gives them a chance to ask.

Unless you are prepared which questions to ask at the end of an interview and which questions not to ask in an interview, it’s difficult to clear the interview. There are certain questions that you must ask during an interview but at the same time, it’s important to know which questions not to ask in an interview. Below are the top 10 questions not to ask in an interview:

10 questions not to ask

1. What does your company do?

This question shows that you are not prepared for the interview. Before going for any interview do all the research which you can do about the company. In today’s digital world any company’s information can easily be found on social media. Research the employer and be ready to ask good questions to the interviewer.

2.When can I take time off for a vacation?

This is an important question to ask if you have a near-future vacation planned, else keep this question for the final round of selection.

3.Did I get the job?

This is not a good question to ask at any stage of the interview. Rather you can ask, when can I hear from you next or what’s the next follow-up steps of this interview.

4.What is the salary for this position?

You don’t bring this discussion unless the final offer is given. In the first interview try to sell yourself and your skills. If the interviewer asks this question, say I would expect salary according to the market standard.

5.What are the weekly hours and do I work weekends?

The Muse says It’s best to avoid any question that sounds like you assume you already have the position—unless, of course, your interviewer brings it up first.

6.When will I get promoted?

Monster says, don’t ask this question in your interview because it shows your desperation. It’s like you are putting your cart before the horse.

7.What other jobs are available here?

This question gives the impression that you are not interested in this job.

8.Do you check references?

This question makes the interviewer suspicious and it gives the impression that you have something to hide. It might kill the opportunity for you.

9.Do you keep close track of when I arrive and when I leave?

While work-life balance is important to have, this is not the right time to ask this question. Once you join the company and you are focused on your work, started giving some output, that time you can ask for Flexi options.

10. Do employees get discounts?

Job hunt says that this question shows that you are more interested to become a company’s free customer rather than an employee.
COVID pandemic has brought the entire world’s economy to a standstill. Employers are very choosy and picky on every single money spent. You can’t go for an interview without preparation. Go for a mock interview with experts. Practice, practice, and practice.

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