How to convince & persuade customers to buy

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It is a dream come true for every sales representative, to be able to sell on every single call to convince them that your product is good for them.

You would not have to sell to them which is what you do. Sometimes you will get leads that have done their research and are ready to buy your product or service. Aren’t they dream clients?

This may be one in a hundred chances, you are more likely to get customers who are weighing their options, and your product is in a race against its other contenders. From here it is your responsibility to convince them that your product or service is the best they can get.

This is where persuasion comes in. one of the qualities of a sales rep should be persuasion, now what is this persuasion you ask?

It is the type of communication that can majorly influence an individual, attitudes, beliefs, and in some cases change the behavior of a person.

When it comes to sales persuasion comes very handy especially when you are trying to convince a prospect to buy their product or service to solve their current problems. You want to see your product and service without fail, then you are at the right place. We have put together a bunch of persuasive tactics you can use and close that deal.

Personalize your message

You are looking to persuade a prospect to consider your product, try not to stick to your generic script, it makes you sound rehearsed, or the message that needs to reach does not go out. They might not find a piece of relevant information and whatever you say will not make an impact and persuade the prospect to buy your product and service

This does not mean that you speak to them, that they are long-lost, friends. No, it just means that you need to adjust your message in such a way that your message must be relevant to what the prospect is interested in. a customer will call because they want to have a conversation with a real person, the required research is already done through your website or even competitions, they want someone who will respond to their queries.

A customer is more likely to buy if you can establish a personal connection with them. Be natural and act like a human being.

If you are reading from scripts the prospect knows the vibe, that you are only interested in selling the products and services and not give a solution.

A prospect will buy only when you can build a rapport with the customer. This bond is not formed if your message is not personalized.

Focus on problem-solving

One major thing that can turn off a prospect is being pushy, constantly telling the prospect that they need to buy your product and service.

Rather tell them how they can use the product to solve their problem, keep their concern first, and give your products and services as a solution to their problems. This way you can, show the prospect the value of your product and service without coming off as pushy and annoying.

If you are selling an expense and reporting software for small businesses and they struggle with how manual and continuous logging their expenses can become lethargic. So, this is where your product comes in, the automated features of your software, and the time-saving capacity of your product or service.

Allow your prospect to make a decision

Your end goal is to sell your product. Not because you pressured them to buy it but rather because they genuinely wanted to buy it.

To be honest, no one likes to be told what to do and what not, and this includes your prospects. To do this let the ball be in the prospects court.

Avoid being too direct in your approach. All you got to do is, give them the context and give them information that shows that buying from you is the best option for them.

But yes, remember to remind your prospect that ultimately it is their decision and the purchase is truly their choice throughout the session.

Anticipating objectives

The thing is you may be prepared for your sales call, you have a solid grasp of the prospect is and what they looking for. You have your notes ready and you are ready to close the deal. But during the call a curveball is thrown away, prospects ask you a question that you haven’t prepared for and didn’t take into account.

A nightmare, isn’t it? Take this in a positive way it is a learning experience. Prepare for sales conversations by brainstorming all the possible objectives the prospect can ask. prepare talking points to disqualify the objection.

Don’t rush the process

No one is capable of making the right decision when they are in a hurry, also don’t trust the prospect through the sales process. We get it that you have targets to meet on regular basis, but your persuasion should feel natural to the prospect. No one should feel pressured or rushed to sign on the dotted line.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t give them a slight sense of urgency by attempting them with a special price or a freebie. Towards the end, the only important thing is to be on the same page as a prospect. If you are going through a sales process assuming the prospect is ready to close when he is only in the consideration stage. Therefore, take your time

Implementing these tactics in your future calls to close deals, will make you feel more comfortable and confident. And this will help in making the transition from a prospect to a sale. The walk into a sales conversation with your potential customer will be easy. The goal is to make your prospect feel that you are the best.

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