A Career as Inside Sales Representative

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Let’s first understand “What is Inside Sales? “

Inside sales, is Professional Remote Sales executed through service personnel remotely. It may be products or services that can be promoted with the help of the phone, email, social media, or any other online channels to reach out to the target customers in less time.

In 2004, Mr.David Elkington founded the website named Insidesales.com from that point inside sales came into the picture. Now that Insidesales.com is recognized as XANT.

Is Inside sales and telemarketing the same?

No, Inside Sales is not the same as telemarketing. In telemarketing, a piece of scripted information is given to the telemarketers and they try to close the deal in one single call. mostly it happens for B2C businesses.

On the other hand, inside sales representatives are expected to create great bonding with all the clients and subscribers. Their conversation with the client is not scripted, Therefore inside sales representatives have to be smart enough to handle clients’ questions/ doubts over the phone.

According to a recent survey, out of 5.7 Million sales Representatives in the US 45.5{c544345c8744be278fa7c7336bdad363ba563a78bad6df3430d721a9138199b2} are inside sales and outside sales represent 52.8{c544345c8744be278fa7c7336bdad363ba563a78bad6df3430d721a9138199b2}. The sales team move towards being nearly a 50/50 balance of inside and outside sellers.

A Career as Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales are the new marketing strategy to reach out to a large number of people in very little time. Inside sales are very effective as compared to other methods of promotions hence it is currently a trending strategy for the large growth of an organization.

People do ask what is the work of an inside sales executive? or what does an inside sales associate do? Let’s understand what’s an inside sales executive’s role and responsibilities?

Inside Sales representative’s responsibilities:-

  • Creating a pipeline of prospective customers(called lead) – Lead generation.
  • Decoding the requirements of the Clients and act accordingly.
  • Effectively representing the Product or service than others.
  • Promoting the Product or Services through Social Media Marketing.
  • Perform product demo online.
  • Pass qualified leads to the sales executive for the final sale.
  • Developing a trusting relationship with clients.n
  • Maintaining the Dignity of the Organization.
  • Creating a trustworthy bonding in the market.n
  • Understanding the problems of Clients and resolving them.
  • Continuously taking Followup and Feedback.
  • Utilizing the time in a productive way and Time management
  • Solving the problems of the Clients and Subscribers.
  • Report the relevant sales report.

Inside sales representatives can give the required boost to the sales by developing a unique identity of the organization in the market.

Let’s understand the skills required to become an inside sales representative. Employer mention these things in the job description of inside sales representative.

A Career as Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales Representative job description:-

The Inside Sales Representatives should have all the requirements mentioned below for effective Inside sales.

Skills for Inside Sales Representative:

  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Inside Sales Representatives Requires the Convincing Capabilities according to the requirement of Client.
  • Attractive Representation Skills.
  • Talkative Nature but smartly talk
  • Predicting the Requirement of Clients
  • Product/Service Knowledge and Information related to it.
  • Explaining how the product or services is beneficial and how is it better than others.
  • Time Management for handling many clients at the same time.
  • Active Interaction with Clients.
  • Problem Solver Approach.
  • Positive Approach for every Situation.
  • The Inside Sales Representatives require a good device with stable internet connectivity if they are working from home.
  • Smart Approaching Techniques.
  • Client Handling Techniques.
A Career as Inside Sales Representative


During this pandemic, an inside sales job is a good job opportunity for freshers to start their careers. The inside sales representatives are required for every organization that wants to build its social presence in the market and wants to sell through digital lead generation.

A Person with good communication skills can be a good Inside sales representative.

Inside sales representatives should be professional and well-disciplined with the clients and also should have time management skills for handling a large number of clients at a time. Inside sales jobs are one of the most rewarding jobs. It enhances your business learnings, client interfacing skills, negotiation skills, and product knowledge.

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