What is Remote Work? | How to Get Remote Work Jobs in India?

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Remote Work is the new normal especially since the pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Remote work is often defined as a working style that allows professionals to work outside of the traditional norms. A lot of us have heard the term remote work and we toss it around randomly. without understanding remote work’s meaning.

What does remote work mean?

This is a new concept based on the fact that to execute your work successfully, it doesn’t need to be confined to a specific place. Think of it like this, rather than traveling to your workplace and sticking to a chair and desk in your office, you can finish your project and reach your goals from wherever you please. The remote work concept was introduced so that individuals can create a better balance between their personal and professional life and experience both of them coexisting in harmony; this shift in the cultural paradigm from what society deems to be a proper workplace is a newfound freedom.

Does a remote job mean remote work from home?

Working remotely does not necessarily mean that you are working from home, and that is the advantage of working remotely. You can choose to work in a way that makes you comfortable. Some people choose to work remotely usually but when they have to attend one on one meetings they commute to the office. Being a remote employee does not mean that you work from home you can choose a cafe nearby from your home office and come to the office whenever the company or you deem it to be necessary.

You also have the option of working in coworking spaces that act as hubs of community productivity. Co-working spaces offer great network connectivity you also get a chance to meet with a various multitude of people working in various sectors and industries full-time workers to freelance careers and even entrepreneurs who need office spaces for rent. We can say that a co-working space is a combination of both an office workplace and a not-so-traditional workspace; it has the best of both Worlds. On one side you can experience the world of traditional offices and on the other hand, you have a nontraditional environment with the best features of the corporate environment.

Remote jobs are flexible. You can sit on any corner of the earth and still work. Being a remote worker has its advantages, being able to choose when you want to work and how you want to work allows you to stay on top of your schedule, you can work whenever you feel most productive or creative you can take your work to any corner of the world with an Internet connection of course.

Misconception Related to Remote Work

  • People often assume that people who work remotely are not productive. There is a misconception that remote workers are set at home doing nothing. Often have a Boss micromanaging all your work does not make you productive or assure that you will get the work done. When the work is communicated a sincere remote worker knows that they can perform to the best of their capacity and capability and it does not matter from where it is done.
  • Being a remote worker does not mean that you are tech-savvy or you have studio-level equipment but rather it’s just a simple desktop or a laptop that is utilized apart from having a fast connection that is required even in office setup.
  • We even heard that remote work “is not a real job“, but the truth is remote work can range from a variety of jobs. It can be an entry-level job or for executive positions, even freelancers tend to work from home. Whether you are a part-time worker or a full-time worker, remote work has all the benefits of an office. Working remotely will likely grow as technology advances.
  • Another common misconception about remote work is that it is a scam or it is only for entry-level jobs but the truth is working remotely is available for a variety of career options.
  • People often perceive that since the work is remote there won’t be any accountability. But employers expect you to be accountable for the work that is assigned to you. The employer has given you the flexibility of timing and working from home option, you have to reciprocate this by meeting your goals and being truthful to your work,

What are the Benefits of Working Remotely? Why do People Work Remotely?

Why would someone choose to work remotely, that is a question that a lot of us wonder about and why does someone allow them to do so? A lot of advantages of working remotely let us simplified them for you

  • One of the most obvious reasons why people want to work remotely is because it offers them a more flexible lifestyle choice. Since they are not expected to be inside the office for a certain time, give them the freedom to focus on things outside of work. They can start early and take time out and pursue whatever hobbies they might have or if they are a parent they can give time to their children also. If someone is trying to get an education they also can take out time to pursue further studies.
  • People who work remotely are less stressed and more active because commuting can be stressful. People who work in the office are comparatively more stressed. When the employee is working in a comfortable environment they are stress-free and tend to take less leave from work than employees who work in the office. Remote employees tend to be happier and productive and they produce better work and are more committed to the company.
  • Some people can do better when they are outside of work as they feel more inspired by the environment rather than being distracted they filter out the distractions as they see fit. It is also cost-saving as it avoids the cost of traveling, spending on lunches, dressing up for the office and many more even though some workspaces do provide snacks and clothing allowances. Remote working saves this cost, that is a good thing and that money can be used for other things.
  • When a person is working remotely he or she has the freedom to choose the work time he or she wants to work and this can be time-saving. Some people might work better in the evening than in the morning so when you are working remotely it does not matter that you are doing your work in the evening or the morning as long as you are meeting your deadlines and finishing your work. It also saves time in commuting and with the facility of video conferencing you can save a lot of time.

Benefits of Remote Working for Employers

As the world slowly begins to reopen, companies are making decisions on what the post-Covid workplace looks like. While some organizations are itching to bring their employees back into the office, others are opting for hybrid models or sticking with full time remote work. ,Forbes

Let us take a look at this that how remote working is helping employers. A lot of employers can save money and resources if their employees are working remotely. Employers can save on a lot of things like rent, save on bills like water electricity wi-Fi, building maintenance, equipment, furniture, and other miscellaneous expenditure. And now since everyone has a laptop and access to the internet this is much easier, even if you are hiring a freelancer.

  • When your team is working remotely, you need to set up a good communication mechanism and a good task tracking tool. You have a lot of platforms where you can connect easily. Allowing your team to work remotely also generates a feeling of gratitude. This way if you want a little extra work from your employees you will have their help and they will go the extra mile and this makes them a good advocate for the company.
  • When the business owners have to hire employees they don’t have to stick to the resources that are available around them or in the same city. They can hire people from any part of the world and not pay the relocation cost. This provides a greater opportunity that’ll help one find staff that is specialized at your work and you can save time on training them. The current generation has grown up with technologies that allow them to work remotely.
  • Employees who work from home are less likely to be absent An individual can make appointments and meetings in such a way that they don’t have to take time off work. And in this world, time is a precious commodity we never seem to have enough of it and when the person is working remotely they tend to use that time. Productivity increases since they don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling and this also reduces unwanted gossiping or breaks. Working remotely also gives the advantage that no matter where are you, you can keep your business open 24/7.

Remote Work Best Practices

If you want to work remotely you need to have a certain set of skills. We are going to mention the skills that you need to have if you want to work from home.

  1. The first important skill that you need to possess is organizing and planning. The main reason that you are working from home is to balance your personal and professional life and for this to work you need to have proper planning done in your daily routine so that you can have a good balance between them.
  2. Another thing that is important if you are working from home is to have good communication skills. Your communication skills will help you convey what you want from others because you don’t have the advantage of seeing each other face to face or getting directions on how to do it but rather it is your communication skills that will help you work easier. So you need to make sure that whatever you’re trying to convey is clear and that requires good communication.
  3. You need to possess at least some knowledge of functional skills you are working on so
  4. You need to be able to collaborate with your team members even though you are working from home or you are working remotely. There is a team that you are working with so you must collaborate with the team so that your work can go easily. teamwork becomes the key to success. Teamwork essentially includes communication, respectfulness, conflict management, and the ability to listen and understand your team member’s opinions.
  5. Productivity is the key to remote work

Best Remote Working Jobs in India

The covid-19 pandemic has opened doors for people throughout the world to work remotely and this has brought about an evolution in the working sector. Below there is a compilation of jobs that are potential for good remote jobs.

  1. Freelance writing – from copywriting to content creation and ghostwriting you have a lot of opportunities for those who are dedicated to working. You can create a portfolio of your writing and share that along with your resume.
  2. Inside Sales – inside sales is one of the most demanded jobs because of its flexibility. This field is quickly becoming one of the most sought out jobs. This is a job that does not require one to be in the office. They can work from wherever they wish though some sales positions can require a certain amount of traveling. A lot of employers do not mind if you choose to work from home as long as your sales goals are met. You can read more details about Inside sales jobs, roles, and responsibilities, salary, opening here – A career in Inside sales. If you are looking for an inside sales job, you can apply here.
  3. Coding – coding, and web development generally require skills, and your potential employer is concerned with what you can do and not where you learned it. Nearly all the businesses need a website you can freelance or you can be a full-time remote worker and this job can easily be done from home, therefore, you can market yourself to larger and smaller businesses.
  4. Social media manager – a lot of Companies require someone to handle social media and create social media strategies for them. This is one of the jobs that you can do remotely. The majority of the jobs in the sector are offered by media and retail companies.
  5. Business development executive(BDE) – they are mainly responsible to increase sales and revenue of the company. The role of a business development executive falls under one of the highest paying categories for work-from-home jobs but you need to possess certain skills to influence the customers and have skills to identify potential customers, skills to approach prospects. what are the roles and responsibilities of a BDE, read this article. If you want to work as Business Development Executive click here.

How to Get Remote Working Jobs?

If you are introducing yourself to working remotely, a simple thing that we would suggest starting with a gig. That way you can slowly build your career in remote work and also earn a little extra money. You can also do one simple thing: ask if your employer is fine with you working full-time or part-time remotely. This will be an easier transition for everyone.

Another option that you have is looking for a job in the market. This you can do if you have a good network or you have many online job sites that offer remote jobs and social media is also another great option.

Websites like, Interview Cracker have listings of jobs from verified companies that are looking for remote employees. If you want to work as Business Development Executive, Inside Sales and Customer support Interview Cracker provides a great opportunity to start working remotely, and that too with great pay.

In Conclusion

Working remotely is going to be the new future and everyone is gradually getting adapted to this new concept of working from home. Especially in a world post covid.

The pandemic normalized WFH and accelerated adoption of new technologies such as automation, all of which could translate into a meaningful boost for GDP.n–Bloomberg

While it is not mandated to be working from home anymore, people will choose to work remotely outside the office. And this will lead companies to hire individuals who are capable of working professionally, effectively, and productively remotely. Therefore people must develop these skills and get equipped to work remotely.

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