Your journey into Sales

Learn to master the art of sales. Become as efficient and effective at selling as possible. 

About the course

Sales is all about listening to people and suggesting them the solution they are looking for.

In life, you will come across multiple sales moments, whether selling your trip idea to your parents, convincing your spouse to buy something, selling good habits to your kids, selling yourself during an interview – Its an essential skill in all your career and personal paths.

Sales is not complicated- it’s simply about proposing your idea in best possible way so that the customer understands it and are thrilled to buy from you.

In this course, you can maximize your sales skills. If you are already working in sales or looking to change your career into sales then you have to master sales skills and this course can be your stepping stone.


What you will Learn? 

  • The art of selling by befriending the customer 
  • Practice your sales Pitch 
  • Sales Language 
  • Learn the selling process and master it. 
  • How to do prospecting? How to research the ideal customer? 
  • Know different selling styles and when to use it
  • Get prepared to handle objections 
  • Close Deals with confidence

This course includes

  • 2 hours On-demand Videos
  • Online, Self-paced
  • Placement Support with Internship Offers 
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Certificate of Completion 

Score 70% and become eligible for Certificates and Jobs.

Course Content

  • What is Sales?
  • Sales Process definitions
  • Sales Funnel Concept
  • B2B/ B2C
  • Upselling/ Cross selling

  • Prospecting/Lead Generation
  • Find out the lead
  • Diaganose the need
  • Prescribe the solution
  • Email marketing

  • Communication
  • Cold Calling
  • Presentation
  • Sales pitch

  • Objection Handling

  • Closing and Follow-up

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