8 Recruitment Strategies for hiring great employees

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In a Forbes article, it is mentioned that a single bad hire costs you a lot, and correcting that mistake will cost you double.

An entrepreneur lays the foundation of an enterprise, but it is the employees that help it grow. Running a successful enterprise single-handedly can be a task for an individual to handle. In times like this, a smart entrepreneur must search and hire the best employee. The right employee can take the company to greater heights and help you take the right step in the direction of your dream, but a wrong hire can cost you a lot of money, waste your time and also resources.

As you know, hiring an employee is an expensive process to interview them, pay their salaries, giving them benefits among other things. Employees tend to be like investments, the right investment will give you profitable financial returns. The wrong investment will bring nothing but loss.

Below are 8 key points you need to keep in mind while hiring your future Star Employee.

8 Recruitment Strategies for hiring great employees

1. Capability and competency

Firstly, is the person that you are spending so many resources on, even capable of the job or not?. Check if the person can just finish the work or will she/he do it with effectiveness and creativity. Most importantly is s/he capable of handling work pressure? Is the individual competent? Does s/he have the relevant experience and education and the required skills that are needed?

2. Compatibility is important

It is necessary to understand if the person you would like to hire has similar interests as you. Will she/he work well and fit in within the corporate. It is important to know if the individual works well with the clients, it’s also vital that you recognize your compatibility too, it’s an entire company that depends on the decision that you make. When somebody has completely different opinions and ideas than you it might prove to be the reason for concern in the future. Differences will usually cause discomfort.

3. Are they ready to commit?

Is the person in for the long haul or just something short-term? Or the person keeps jumping from job to job. Previous experiences and jobs might give you an insight into whether the candidate stayed on for a long term or flitted from job to job in a short span.

4. Character check

Forming prejudiced opinions on an individual can be wrong but in such cases, it is important to judge a person’s character, morals, values, and ideas. Are they team players and helpful, do they tell the truth and meet deadlines. It is important to know where the candidate’s ethical values lie. You need a person who is capable of getting clients and who gets well with everyone. Someone with ego issues and unethical values is not someone you want to be the face of the company.

8 Recruitment Strategies for hiring great employees

5. Right recruiters for right candidates

To hire the right candidate, you need to select the right team to hire. It is important to have a recruitment team that knows how to hire the right people. A right recruiter means a suitable candidate.

6. Ask the right question

Ask the right question, it will help you to distinguish between an average candidate and a desirable candidate. It is critical to identifying the right candidate. Their answers can give you an insight into how they think and if they will be better for the company or not, or if they are fit for the job or not.

7. Check background and references

Running a background check on potential employees is important. you need to check with the references, educational credentials, previous employers, whether they have any criminal history or not. The right background check will help you filter the right candidate. Without a background check, you could have easily hired a fraud or a liar.

8. Compensate

You might have gone through all these processes and you might have selected the right employee but a few days later you see that the candidate is not focussing at all. You might be wondering why is this happening. Well, the cause of this might be an unhappy employee. Another important thing to keep in mind while hiring is compensation, what salary you are paying to them, what additional benefits you are giving to them. All of these counts and plays a major role in actually getting a loyal employee. Before they join, clear any financial doubts the candidate might have.


A happy employee means a happy company. But choosing the right candidate is important. A lot of things other than the desired qualifications matter when you want to hire an individual who will be productive. So keep in mind the above-mentioned points if both the employee and the employer want to benefit from this relationship. Choose right and choose wisely, this will be beneficial in the long run. Or you can pass your tension of hiring a good trained sales employee to Interview Cracker. you can have a look at how it works, hiring smart sales freshers

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