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Sales hiring was never so convenient

JD to Candidate Match

Every candidate is matched by our AI/ML engine to provide you easy way to identify candidates of choice from thousands of profiles.

Audio and writing with proficiency analysis

You can not only listen and read the candidate’s oral and written communication but see the automatic analysis by our AI platform.

Large, vetted pool of
sales professionals

Our database is the best and fastest growing talent pool of sales champions. You do not have to look outside anymore.

Scientific rating

Experience the power of AI/ML technology to screen, assess and get the best matched candidates before interviewing them. 

AI/ML driven, fastest growing sales hiring platform.

Rest easy. You can now avoid screening hundreds of resumes to find relevant candidates. Talk to the candidates rated and matched by our unique AI/ML algorithms. You get:

  • Best-match recommendations
  • Get any candidate to be rated
  • Access our own large, vetted data of sales professionals
  • Flexible pricing

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