Full Time

Inside Sales Manager

Posted by State of Mind
500000 LPA - 600000- LPA

Job Description

  1. Passion for working with a growing tech startup
  2. Experience in SaaS based startups
  3. Understand State of mind and the employee engagement market
  4. Build relationships with your Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Product Engineering counterparts
  5. Consistently meet goals for initial presentation / demo setup 
  6. Reach out to prospects and leads generated through different marketing channels
  7. Identify Key Decision Makers & performing Client-need Analysis, track their pain points to develop a reach-out strategy.
  8. Build rapport with prospects post demo to lead them to conversion
  9. Manage team members and mentor them
  10. Report on sales metrics and improvise on the sales process
  11. Report to VP of Sales
  12. Excellent incentives based on performance

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