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Junior Hardware Engineer

Posted by Hoags

1 LPA - 1.5 LPA
About Company
We are a leading smart technology company based in India, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the global market. Our primary focus lies in developing advanced technologies for appliances and devices, integrating AI/ML capabilities such as predictive maintenance and autonomous functionality. Our expertise extends across various domains, including cloud computing, mobile applications, remote access, sound technology, and voice-based controls.
Job Description

A hardware engineer is a professional responsible for designing, testing, and maintaining various physical components and systems within electronic devices. Their primary focus is on the hardware aspects of computers, electronics, and other technological devices. Key responsibilities include:

Testing and Debugging: Conducting tests and experiments on hardware prototypes to ensure proper functionality, identifying and resolving any issues or defects.

Collaboration with Software Engineers: Collaborating with software engineers to ensure seamless integration between hardware and software components within a system.

Product Development: Participating in the entire product development lifecycle, from conceptualization and design to prototyping and production.

Documentation: Creating and maintaining detailed documentation of hardware designs, specifications, test procedures, and troubleshooting guidelines.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring that hardware components meet quality standards and comply with industry regulations and safety guidelines.

Research and Development: Staying updated on emerging technologies, industry trends, and advancements in hardware design to incorporate innovative solutions into projects.

Prototyping: Building and testing prototypes of new hardware designs, evaluating performance, and making necessary adjustments.

Collaboration with Cross-Functional Teams: Working closely with cross-functional teams, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and product managers, to achieve project goals.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Identifying and resolving hardware-related issues in existing systems, providing support for maintenance and upgrades.

Cost Analysis: Conducting cost analysis and feasibility studies to determine the economic viability of hardware projects.

Overall, a hardware engineer plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of electronic devices, ensuring their proper functioning, reliability, and compatibility with associated software systems.

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Job Information

How much is the Offered Salary for this role?

Hoags will offer salary in the range 1 LPA - 1.5 LPA. The exact salary will be decided based on your skills, experience and interview performance.

Role requires experience in

Domestic - India

Number of positions / openings


What is the Min. Experience required for this job?

Hoags expects the desired candidate to have minimum experience of 0 years

What is the Max. Experience required for this job?

Hoags expects the desired candidate to have maximum experience of Less than 1 Year


computer hardware,consumer electronics

What is the Qualification required for this job?

Hoags expects the desired candidate to be a Graduate


B.Tech/B.E.,Diploma,MS/M.Sc(Science),PG Diploma

Work Shift

Day shift

Are there any unique Key Skills required for this job?

Hoags expects the desired candidate to have the following skills: Client Relationship Management,Others

Work Location Type




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