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Field Sales

Posted by Farmveda

15000 LPA - 20000- LPA
About Company
Job Description

FARMVEDA is an FMCG brand owned by cooperatives of 40000+ farmers. All profit from these products goes to them. Monday to Saturday Each day covers 30+ shops in that route. These shops will be nearby. You can add more shops to your route, change existing ones based on your experience. Make sure there are 30+ shops in each day route. Once you enter the shop, you greet the shop owner and then you check the products on the shelves. Ensure products are visible to customers who visit the shop. The products are clean and there is no dust. Compare the stock quantity from the previous week. Enter the stock count into the system. Then go and meet the shop owner. Tell him how many products have been sold this week and take orders for those products. Also, show him previous bills and collect money from him. Cover all the shops. Start early and finish by 4-5 PM. After finishing the beat, call your manager, tell him about any experience. give him feedback about the market, tell him how much collection and how many orders you have taken. Orders and collections will also have to be entered into the app. The monthly collection has to increase and that will happen by increasing sales per shop and also increasing the number of shops. You have to make sure you are working with all the good shops where the product sells. We are mainly looking at walking stores.

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Job Information

How much is the Offered Salary for this role?

Farmveda will offer salary in the range 15000 LPA - 20000- LPA. The exact salary will be decided based on your skills, experience and interview performance.

What is the Qualification required for this job?

Farmveda expects the desired candidate to be a Post graduate



Work Shift

Day shift

Work Location Type




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