BDE: Job Description, Roles, Responsibilities, Salary

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A Business Development Executive helps an organization in its growth by acquiring new customers. They develop and implement new business opportunities. They leverage the data, do market research, find business trends and opportunities, and then implement for the company’s sales and growth. Business Development Executive (BDE) plays a vital role in stable and long-term market success, their primary role is to acquire new customers. BDEs are very important in the long-term success of the organization. BDEs are the face of that particular organization in the market. There are critical responsibilities of BDEs to maintain public relationships and utilize them for the development of that particular organization. The business development executive gives the necessary boost to the revenue by innovating new marketing strategies. Their role is to assist the organization’s sales and growth.

nBusiness Development Executive Job Description (JD for BDE)

  • Excellent communication skills for an impressive conversation with clients.
  • Effective convincing techniques
  • Time management for handling a large number of clients at a time.
  • Respectful language and politeness while pitching to clients
  • Market research and analysis of developing innovative market strategies.
  • Analysis of the market situation and developing provision for future planning.
  • Proper understanding of market conditions and act accordingly.
  • Enhancing the brand of a particular organization through innovative methods.
  • Analyzing market competitors.
  • Maintain confidential business documentation of the organization.
  • Finding solutions in crucial market situations.

Roles and responsibilities of the Business Development Executive :

  • Maintaining good public relations and creating great bonding with clients.
  • To reach a large number of targeted customers or clients.
  • Creating a professional impression of the organization in the market.
  • Client handling in a professional manner.
  • Developing new marketing strategies
  • Innovative techniques for targeting the targeted customers
  • Build contacts with potential clients
  • Generate profitable leads and high profile clients management
  • Maintaining trustworthy relations with clients.
  • Create branding of the organization in the market.
  • Develop special recognition of organization which makes it superior and different from others.
  • Keeping track of the competitors of your organization
  • Providing customer beneficial information for more lead conversion ratio.

The responsibilities mentioned above are the essential role of a business development executive.

Top 7 Skills for Business Development Executive :

  1. BDE work involves research, lead generation, analysis, it can easily be done remotely. That’s the reason a person of any age can do this work from a centralized office or even from home.
  2. A person with good communication skills and talkative nature can work in this field very well
  3. The candidate must have time management skills for this work. A person who has command of time management can work this field.
  4. The candidate should have a relevant degree in the field of business such as an MBA with the necessary criteria for good business administration skills.
  5. The candidate who wants to work from a centralized office where traveling is not compulsory can work as a business development executive.
  6. A person should be aware of current market conditions to get selected as a development executive for a reputed organization.
  7. A person with an analytical mind will be a good fit for this role.

A candidate with good communication skills, good professional behavior, and good market research capabilities can be a very successful business development executive.

The following image describes the overall job description of business development executives.

Salary for Business Development Executive :

A candidate with good communication skills and the necessary qualities for becoming a good business development executive will never face financial problems throughout their career. There is long-term financial assurance for business development executives if they maintain good relationships with all the clients and work properly as per the requirement of the particular organization. Executives can have extra benefits if they generate profitable leads for the organization. A fresher’s BDE in India starts its career with 2.-4 LPA but within 2 years, if you perform well, you can easily reach 5-6LPA. It’s one of the fastest-growing careers if you can get mastery in getting clients to the organizations.


Business development executive is an excellent career for candidates who have good communication skills and have relevant interests in market analysis and research. Candidate with all the required skills can build their career in business development very well. Business development executives require some ethics and norms to be followed which creates the impression of an organization in the market. In this field, the targets are very important hence planning for achieving the target is a must.

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