HOW TO GET A JOB – 8 Tips and Tricks to get your Dream Job

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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius

Once you are completely ready and have decided to start with your career by earning through a job, you must know that there is a certain predefined set of rules according to which you should proceed in your life. The first and foremost task for you will be to draft an interesting resume that has in it all your achievements and experiences. Remember that this resume will be doing all the talking for you when you apply for any job. Next, you’ll have to search for all the job openings and posts which suit your interest and are within your reach, and then send your resumes to them so that they know you are interested to work for them. Your impressive resume will fetch you a call for an interview from some or all of those places where you have applied. This is where your actual role begins. Until now it was only your resume that did the talking for you but now it all depends on how well you are PREPARED FOR THE INTERVIEW and how capable are your skills for the job. This is the ultimate and most important step in starting your work life. The way that the interview is done will determine how well can you justify all those things which you mentioned in your resume and are you worthy of this job?

Whenever you appear for any job interview your first impression is the last. If you do not come off as confident, skilled, and prepared enough to the interviewer, he may simply consider his other options, even if your resume is the best amongst all. This is the reason why you should start preparing and practicing for an interview a few days before your final interview. You often get overwhelmed and confused while preparing for it as it can be difficult to know where to start. Also, this pressure is quite more if you are a fresher and have the least experience of a job interview.

Some basic tips have been discussed herein brief which will help you in your preparation for an interview and these tricks commonly apply to almost all interviews. Get ready with a pen and paper so that you don’t miss out on any crucial points.


Do a quick self-analysis and thoroughly think about all the things about yourself to talk to the interviewer. This will help in knowing yourself better and determining your strengths and weaknesses which is generally asked in an interview. also, make it a point to highlight those qualities of yourself while talking which you feel will be beneficial for the job. For example, you can use words like teamwork, dedication, leadership qualities, etc. refrain from using general qualities like a good singer or a good cook, these qualities may be mentioned if you are asked about your hobbies.


Work upon your body language because it plays a vital role in creating a good overall impression of yourself. You can take the help of an image consultant or simply browse the web and you will get tons of ways to improve your body language.

Your body language

Your body language included everything right from posture, your walk, the way you talk, and most importantly the confidence that you portray. Try sitting with your back straight, this makes you appear more confident and improves your overall look. Don’t walk by dragging your feet. Always make good use of your hands while talking. Folded hands give an impression of a rigid and closed personality. Before speaking anything take your time to think how it is going to sound when said out loud. Try to maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with, this helps in building their trust in you and keeps them engaged for long. There are many such basic tips which will help you a lot in improving your body language.


The way you look and get dressed for the interview is as important as your body language. Dress formally and smartly for an interview. prepare your outfit a day before the interview to avoid any last-minute hassles. Many companies have a predefined formal dress code, but if not mention then always opt for formals. Avoid semi-formals too as they make you appear very careless for the job. Pay special attention to your grooming. Make sure the clothes that you choose are washed and ironed well and your shoes are polished beforehand. These tips will make you look polished and well prepared for your job.


Before going for any interview make it a point to do good research-work about the company and the job profile. This way you will know some of their policies or rules and regulations and will also know what all things the interviewer may be expecting from you. You will look more serious and dedicated to the job when the interviewer gets to know that you have a good knowledge and have researched for the job.


These days there is a lot of stuff on the internet that helps you in efficiently preparing for a job interview. lookout for generally asked questions, or most common questions for an interview and you will get an idea about how it happens. This tip is usually very helpful for freshers looking for pre-interview guidelines. You can have an answer ready in your head so that you can quickly recall it during the interview.


Punctuality is important

Make sure to be punctual for your interview. to ensure this you may need to do some arrangements a day before your interview regarding the commute/travel, the location, and the time taken to reach there. Make it a priority to reach there before time so that you don’t get engaged in any unnecessary hassles while going for the interview. reaching the location on or before time will make a good impression on the company and may fetch you more marks than those who are not punctual.


Social media is filled with a different set of ideas and tips to help you prepare better for an interview. several online training programs coach you in building your overall personality and help you appear more confident in any field that you are in. make good use of social media to explore such things and enhance your skills.


Communication skills play a very important role in successfully cracking any interview as they reflect what all you know and how well you can convey that to others. Even if you have less knowledge than others but your communication skills are best amongst all of them then there’s a chance that you will be given preference over them. Also, have a habit to be a good listener and not only just a good speaker. Always let the person finish talking before you say something. Being a good listener will help you pay more attention to what’s being said and ultimately choosing your own words wisely. Practice effective communication with your family and friends and this way you will get a better hold of the skill and you will be able to learn more quickly.


Always keep in mind before any interview that for the interviewer you are just like all the other candidates that applied for the job. To make yourself stand out you must have that X-factor in you which differentiates you from the crowd. Practice all the tips mentioned above to help you in looking more confident and well suited for the job. The day you appear for the job interview will be the day that your first impression will be formed for the job. Make sure that you make that impression noteworthy. The more prepared you are the more confident you will be and ultimately that confidence will reflect in your body language.

Following these tips and tricks and investing some time to work upon yourself will help you a lot in successfully cracking your job interviews.

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