How to face an interview- 7 important tips and tricks

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After performing your best academically and making all those decisions about your career and your life finally you’ve reached that phase in your life where you are required to face an interview! Some of you eagerly look forward to an interview and many or rather most of you get anxious and nervous just by hearing this word. But have you ever wondered why are interviews so scary and why the majority of people fear interviews? That’s because not many people are aware of all the effective skills required for an interview. There’s a common stage fear or public speaking hesitancy in many people which makes them anxious before facing any interview.

Face an Interview

How to face an Interview – this is a common question for everyone. Here are some basic and important tips and tricks that you should always keep in mind while preparing and facing an interview because an interview can be a life-changing experience, it can make or break your professional identity.

Listed below are such tips which will help you in getting rid of your job interview fear and interview anxiety and make you appear more polished and professional. These tips will be handy even if you are a fresher:


Own your personality and your achievements in front of your interviewer. This will be your first impression in front of anyone. Don’t shy away from who you are and learn how to be confident in an interview and pretend to be something else just to impress someone. It will be easily identified by your interviewer as you will not be confident enough while doing so.

Be confident in an interview

Lack of confidence will bring your impression down. The more honest you are during an interview, the easier it’ll be for you to face it. Whatever questions you are asked, answer them with confidence and if not then politely deny that you don’t know the answer. Your confidence will fetch you more marks than your knowledge.


Make sure to do good research work a day or two before the interview. Have some basic knowledge about the interviewer and his firm and the kind of job that he’s expecting from you. This will make you less nervous about the kind of questions that he may ask. Have beforehand knowledge about the general interview questions too and prepare answers for them roughly in your mind. This way you won’t be blank and out of words at the time of the interview.

Also, have a general idea of the current happenings around the world related to your field. This will prove to be impactful if any such topic comes up. Your opinions on such matters reflect your thinking capacity.


Manage your routine on the day of your interview in such a way that you reach the location before the time assigned to you. This will have several benefits. You will not be worried about getting stuck in traffic or a lengthy commute. Once you reach the location early, you’ll have ample time to be comfortable and get used to the surroundings, the last-minute arrivals or getting late will leave you baffled and stressed out during the interview. You can also practice some of the things that you are going to say to the interviewer while you wait for your turn. Also, this trick creates a lasting impression and shows your punctuality. Learn Time management skills that will get you the job.


Be well dressed and well-groomed while going for an interview. Your clothes speak even before you do and create a first impression in the eyes of the interviewer. Crisp, formal, and polished attire with well-groomed hairs and a clean appearance will make you look more professional and ready for your job.

Dress for success

Always opt for soft and pastel-colored clothing and avoid any sharp contrasting outfits in bold colors. This will also state that you came well prepared for the interview and you are quite sure of getting the job. Know in detail, how to dress for an interview.

Watch this video on how to dress up before an interview


When you are answering the questions in an interview always keep your answers brief and to the point. Avoid playing with words to confuse the interviewer as it may lead to a negative impact on your communication skills. Only answer what you are asked and never exaggerate your answers to boast your achievements. Refrain from using any personal information in your answers. If you don’t know the answers to any questions don’t hesitate from telling me so. This will cut out any unnecessary wastage of time and you’ll be relieved by telling the truth.


These days mock interviews are very common among college students and many different universities organize mock interviews to train students about how to face interviews and overcome the interview fear. You can also practice mock interviews with your friends or family members right before your interview so that you are well acquainted with the process and appear more confident in front of your interviewer. Mock interviews will act as a practice session for you and will help in polishing your skills in a better way.


Always remember that your resume and CV are what got you the interview in the first place, which means that it was impressive enough that it caught the attention of others and separated you from the crowd. Make sure that before going for any interview you quickly have a look at your resume and read its contents thoroughly. It may be possible that the interviewer asks you questions based on your resume and all the experiences that you have stated in it. Never lie in your resume or mention false statements just to grab attention. You may be termed as fraud by many terms if you do so.


Always remember, it’s just an interview and not a battlefield. The person on the other side of the desk is a human being too and understands well enough that your slight nervousness is normal during the interview. Using these tips subside your fear of interviews and attend all your interviews with confidence and grace. Your knowledge and smartness will be well complemented with your confidence and together they will fetch your dream job.

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