Career as a Customer Support Executive

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Customer Support Executive Job Description

Customer support executives assist the organization from the customer’s point of view. Customer concerns are essential for the improvement of organizations. Customer support executives are the mediators between the service provider and its subscribers.

Customer support executives are the higher-level authority that manages the most challenging problems that cannot be resolved by the customer representatives.

Customer support executives are essential to maintain good relations with clients and subscribers. The feedback from the customers plays a vital role in the development of the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities of Customer Support Executive

  • To maintain trustworthy relations with the clients and subscribers for long-term success in the market.
  • Customer support related to product or services of the organization
  • Solving customer queries and problems within time.
  • Analyzing the customer problems and advising the organization for relevant solutions.
  • Understanding customer suggestions and complaints about the development of the organization.
  • Problem resolution and customer handling
  • Understanding the customer concerns and handling their problems with politeness and respect.
  • Develop a good relationship between customer and service provider for long-term customer assurance.
  • Generating a customer feedback report for the organization to understand customer concerns for their product or service.
  • Assisting the organization in planning the strategies for reducing customer complaints.
  • Planning for positive customer feedback.
  • Maintaining a pleasant working environment for the organization.
  • Conducting quality assurance surveys from customers and subscribers.
  • Creating policies and procedures for the improvement in customer service.
  • Managing a team of customer support representatives offering customer services.
  • Setting customer service protocols.
  • Customer support executive is also known as a customer service executive. The best customer service representatives are genuinely excited to help customers. Customer service is both a type of job and a set of job skills. The customer service executives are responsible for customer satisfaction with the product and service.
Customer Support

Skills Required for Customer Support Executive

Customer support executives require some specialized skills to be fit for this role. There are associated skills that support strong customer service abilities. Customer service skills are mostly soft skills.

10 Must have skills for Customer Support Executive

1. Active Listening

A good speaker is always a good listener. The customer service executive should be an active listener to understand and analyze the customer queries and complaints.

2. Adaptability

The customer service executive should be able to adapt to the problem and take necessary action. Customer support executives should have a presence of mind to adapt to any situation.

3. Conflict Resolution

Every customer has different problems and challenges. The customer support executive should be a problem solver and able to handle conflicts.

The problem-solving approach of customer service executives will develop good relationships with customers.

4. Problem-solving approach

Customer support executives should have a problem-solving approach to handle every situation. A problem-solving approach is a tool for maintaining good public relations.

5. Effective communication skills

Customer support executives with impactful communication skills can create the impact of the organization in the market. Customers feel comfortable sharing their complaints or problems with such customer support executives. It develops a friendly environment.

6. Quick decision making

Customer support executives should have quick thinking and decision-making Process. Quick thought-process is essential for decision-making to resolve customer queries and complaints.

7. Open-minded approach

Customer support executives should have an open-minded approach to listen, analyze and resolve customer complaints and queries. The customer support executive should be ready to accept the mistake and apologize for the inconvenience.

8. Punctuality

Customer support executives must be punctual to resolve customer issues and provide service to the customer. Punctuality is a tool to develop a trustworthy relationship with the customer.

9. Presence of mind

Customer support executives should have the presence of mind to handle any critical situation. Sometimes conversations will be crucial with the customer. In that case, executives must use their presence of mind.

10. Workload management

The customer support executive should be able to manage the workload. Sometimes there will be multiple works at a time. The executives should be able to do multitasking effectively, without getting stressed.

Customer Support Executive Essential Tools

  • Computer: to input data, perform office functions, and keep in touch via email with others in the company and with clients.
  • Phones – the primary communication device used for conversations with customers
  • Online chat – communicating with customers electronically through a platform on the company’s website.

Customer Support Executive Education and Training

Most customer support executives hold a bachelor’s degree. The fields of study include business and communications. Before getting the position, customer support executives typically have years of experience in other customer care capacities.

Customer Support Executive’s Salary in India

Customer support executive’s salary in India ranges from INR 10k- 25K per month. During COVID time, many companies provide work from home customer service jobs.

Principles of a Good Customer Service

  • Know what your customers consider to be good customer service.
  • Take the time to find out customer’s experience.
  • Follow up on both positive and negative feedback you receive.
  • Ensure that you consider customer service in all aspects of your business.
  • Continuously look for ways to improve the level of customer service you deliver.
  • Greet customers and approach them in a way that is natural and fits the individual situation.
  • Show customers that you understand what their needs are.
  • Accept that some people won’t want your products and concentrate on building relationships with those who do.
  • Help people even just letting a customer know about an event that you know they are personally interested in is helpful.
  • Continue to keep customers aware of what’s in it for them to do business with you.


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